Quest for an Overlord – Conclusions

Well I must say that this has been an interesting run. I have been through 10 different models since the release of the Necrons for an acceptable Necron Overlord. It’s been more than a month now. Good thing I am not a gamer eagerly waiting to field one in my army (which is non existent). Before revealing the results on our last two test subjects let go through a few points.

Following my previous post, I’ve tracked the various sites referencing my post to see what was the reaction toward the issue. I’ve seen quite a lot of opinions and positions so let me clear a few with my own personal opinion.

1) This series of post is not an attempt to “get back” at Games Workshop. Although I’ve openly said that I do not agree with most of their recent decisions (mainly marketing wise), they never did anything against me personally, so I have no reason to be vindictive.

2) I am not a Games Workshop hater either. I grew up with Games Workshop various games and miniatures. I’ve always loved the various universes behind their games. They have some of the best artists in the industry, which always produce inspiring work. The quality of their plastic is incredible both in the level of details and the multi-part/kit options. Although I find the latest decisions and marketing strategies to back them debatable, I have to admit that a part of me is still a GW fanboy.

3) I love resin. I’m not arguing for the return of metal. Resin is simple to work with, fast to fix. Cyanocrylate creates a strong bond and there’s no need for pinning. Working in a gaming store, I find it way simpler to sell this products to kids than metal with all the tools required to prep them.

4) Yes I have experienced miscast with metal, like everyone else but never at this rate. I always asked for replacement and always got it but never needed 9 more copies. Most of the time, the issues were missing pieces and not miscast.

5) I will repeat it once more, this series of post hasn’t been in the hope to find a perfect copy. Simply a copy which I do not need to re-sculpt. I have no issues with fixing mold lines. It’s pretty straightforward and easily done, especially with resin. I have nothing against surface bubbles either. I do agree that liquid green stuff is perfect in this case. Once again it’s a simple thing to fix. When a corner of a detail is erased by a bubble or any other situation where you need to re-sculpt the details instead of simply filling the surface is an entirely other issue.

6) Yes modeling and converting is part of this hobby but should NEVER be an excuse for poor quality products. No matter how much you love and support a company.

7) I would never stop a customer from buying any line of products because I personally think it is a lower quality than any other company. But I will stop a customer from buying a product which has a lower quality in the parameters of the company.

8 ) As previously said I know that there are perfect Finecast copies out there and since quite a few persons are arguing that these models are never shown, here are two for you:

Apophas has a few tiny bubbles underneath some of the details but nothing major.

9) GW customer service has nothing to be ashamed of. They keep sending new replacement copies without asking too much questions. At least on that level it’s an A+. But when you are more than a month past the initial schedule of a new army and that you are still waiting for an acceptable model for your HQ choice, well, no matter how good your customer service is… You’re still pissed.

10) Buying online shouldn’t be a “no-no” because you cannot inspect your copy before buying. In fact buying online should be an issue since you are not encouraging your local gaming store that takes the time to organize activities, provide tables and scenery and guide you for your next purchase. Obviously if you live in the middle of nowhere without any gaming store in a 50 kilometers radius, it is an entirely other issue. As an employee of a gaming store I should not have to inspect every Finecast blister being delivered to the store. As a customer, I shouldn’t have to inspect every copy before buying. I should simply walk in, buy my copy and come home. If in any case it is a bad copy I should positively hope that the replacement copy will be acceptable.

11) Finally, to all the GW Fanboys that are saying that I should shut up and simply fix the mistakes on these models since I’m so great… Well I’m sorry but no I won’t. As previously said, re-sculpting a model should be a personal choice to modify a model, to convert it, to make it better. Re-sculpting never should be to repair a badly cast model in order to get it as it should be in the blister. No matter how much you are fan of a company.

If you want to catch up on the story, here are the three previous posts detailing all the previous models:

Models #1, #2, #3 and #4

Models #5 and #6

Models #7 and #8

Now let’s move to the core of this post. Necron Overlord #9 and #10. If you have followed the saga so far you should have picked up on the trend. Fail! Yep again. I thought I had a fairly good copy when I saw the part behind the knee properly cast but, unfortunately another classic mistake made it to the top of the list. Pictures!

Necron #9

From this angle, nothing major. A few bubbles here and there. It would appear that every points in the details have tiny bubbles. So far I would let it go through simply to be done with it.

Again just a few tiny bubbles that I would be ready to work with. Unfortunately the entire bottom rib has been replaced by a nice looking bubble. Sad since the model was really crisp otherwise.

And obviously, the stomach area is a mess again… Yes these pictures are oversized and some of these bubbles are a quick fix. But look at the two huge bubbles around the center at the bottom. These need re-sculpting to bring back the sharp angles of these parts.

Necron #10

Bigger bubbles again along sharp edges. Once more we have a gaping hole behind the knee… (sigh)

Again bubbles here and there, hole behind the knee but look at that bottom rib.

No need to say more.

So what to do from here? Stop whining and fix one of these model to please the Fanboys, and walk in-line along GW marketing imperatives telling us that these are the best products ever? Yeah… no. As previously said, what worries me the most, is the number of models, miscast like these, that were bought by people not knowing any better or simply not caring. How many models like these were not return to GW? For how long does GW think it can continue to take their customers for fools? Probably for a long time. My suggestion? Fire a few marketing directors for more man power on the floor. It might help fix some issues because a bunch of adjectives to describe various products don’t make them magically great.

You probably got it from the title, this is the conclusion. Yes I have not yet find a decent Overlord, but I have better thing to do then track it down. So instead of asking for replacement copies I’ll simply exchange it for a Cygnar Warcaster that I still haven’t bought. Guess what? I’ll even get money back in the exchange! Woohoo!

So this is officially the end of the quest for a decent Overlord. The saga is over and is a failure from start to finish. After 10 models I’m done.

So, to all of you who found decent models, keep painting.

19 Responses to “Quest for an Overlord – Conclusions”

  1. michael says:

    This is actualy prety sad… I realy loved my GW models, but I can’t make myself buy anymore of them until this is fized or they lower their prices for them a LOT.

    here’.s hoping this blog get noticed by a high placed GW employee who cares :S

  2. Ovion says:

    The sad thing is apparently most of these meet Games Workshops ‘acceptable standard’ of quality control.

  3. Kit Burrows says:

    I agree on all points – I have had a simlar saga 4 sets of Dante, Astorath, and techmarine box not a good model in all twelve. The last set of each was checked by customer services but it made little difference.

    Being a small time manufacturer myself I would have been embarressd to sell this stuff.

    I am waiting for a vast improvement before I buy again.

    The damage being done is scary.



  4. wienas says:

    Will you send the models back to GW and make them aware of the issue and your journey to find an acceptable model?

  5. Akaranseth says:

    We will simply ask for a credit on other products on our next order. No point in getting 2 more models. And If they can’t communicate the issues up the ladder themselves…

  6. Craig says:

    If you only had a few bubbles then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but the amount on that Necron Overlord is shocking. I don’t buy a great deal of finecast but have had one bad miscast from my first 2 models. Hopefully GW will fix these issues when they bring out Chaos Legions.

  7. Bi0m3trics says:

    Great documentation of your quest and excellent write-up/review. This post is especially close to me, as I have also under taken over a similar search over the past few weeks. Ultimately, I settled on finecast models that were roughly 75% flawless (Imotekh, Overlord, Trazyn, and two Crypteks).

    So here’s my point, if you look at the 360 degree animations on GW’s website for the Imotekh and the Overlord, you’ll see huge bubble holes throughout the model and especially on their capes (pay close attention to Imotekh, where the artist actually edge-highlighted the holes!).


  8. Akaranseth says:

    Some of the holes, especially on the cloaks, are in fact part of the sculpt. The fact that they happen on every single model at the exact same place proves it. They seem to have pretty powerful moths ;)

  9. Jason says:

    I have only just found this blog and let me tell you I couldn’t agree more! But have you thought of posting this into Jervis Johnson in White Dwarf…as he claims he reads every letter. He comes across as someone who might take notice (just my opinion). If enough people also wrote in maybe they might take steps(my letter has already been sent).

  10. ocac says:

    Wonderful write up throughout this series. The detailed photographs are excellent and easily understood with captions – if I pursue a FineCast model I know exactly the kind of details to examine.
    The models I was thinking of buying were often not for any army I collect but just the sheer quality of the sculpts. But when one sees these images…fine details are exactly the ones worst affected.
    Thank you for forewarning myself and others just how disappointing this could be – especially as I have never handled resin models before.

  11. Ben Goodall says:

    hey mate, good to see someone keeping up the good fight, I understand your complete frustration with GW, I had a long winded battle with forge world a while back as well, I placed an order of 34 items, of which 19 I sent back, and of that 19 I sent back 11 again, this went on and on for months, eventually I was blocked off their emails, and have given up with trying now, and without getting into the hating again, they have effectively driven what used to be a high spending customer.

    I figure the more people handing long, wound out issues of just plain terrible service to what ever consumer guarantee entities and GW start recieving actually effective and expensive action I can only see them getting worse.

  12. puma713 says:

    You know what you should do – you should find the worst Overlord of all of them (have they made you send them back to them) and you should leave it the way it comes. Leave it with the flashing that is unacceptable, leave it with the holes and missing rib. Leave it with the gap behind the knee.

    Then paint it. Paint it to a Golden Daemon standard and enter it. Maybe, if they saw their own product in a public light from someone who has been there before, it will make them finally wake up. I’m glad you’re bringing this sort of “quality” to the public eye.

  13. Akaranseth says:

    I thought the same thing at one point. But honestly it would me more a waste of time. I can’t believe that they are not aware of the issue.

  14. Yeah, my local GW is using this model for the monthly painting derby. I got one, returned it, and got the best of the remaining ones. It’s still trash, and I am forced to fix it if I want to enter the contest (which I do).

    Oh well. I’ve been avoiding developing GS skills anyway, so this will make me learn. BTW, this is a TERRIBLE model for Finecast anyway, as it is completely spindly and fragile. Even if it was a perfect cast I can’t see it lasting through much gaming.

  15. Zaq says:

    Do you still have these models? If so where do you live. I reckon we could do a trade. I can find a perfect overlord in exchange for the broken/miscast ones if you want? That way you get your overlord and can be :) again.

  16. Akaranseth says:

    Thanks for the proposition but I got rid of the model. Furthermore I have no interest in painting that model anymore. But don’t worry I still buy GW minis here there but mostly plastic.

  17. Do I have to physically cut off part of the Staff of Light bit in order to upgrade my Necron Overlord to Warscythe? Just double-checking before I ruin a $20 model.

  18. Akaranseth says:

    No clue on that.

  19. GW has changed policy now, a big turn, like what the Finecast was not a good idea even with progress

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