A big spider that is really making the deadline thin…

Well here are some pictures of the progress. Really bad pictures I know but it’s almost 2am and I want to go to bed… Better pictures once the assembly is complete. The base isn’t finished and yes it was hell mixing all that green stuff but I didn’t have enough apoxie sculpt left to build the mass. I know the GW trees are not optimal but I just don’t see the realism of real branches with the comic aspect of the goblins and spiders. Furthermore it’s a GD so I don’t see them being against using there trees and they will get better with paint and texturing. And yes I’m aware that there is still 3 legs missing on the spider… they need to be cut down and reposition to fit with the new elements.

Will I have time to finish on time. HAHAHA! I better!

Friday, April 29th, 2011